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I’m currently travelling through the US – hiking in the Sierra Nevada mountains to be specific – looking out for new products and ideas for gourmet cooking…

Whilst it may be difficult to get some products in US supermarkets’ (for example, the range of packet cup-a-soups is extremely limited) one of the most interesting products I’ve found is dehydrated peanut butter. What’s interesting is that peanut butter would be one of the last things I thought could be dehydrated due to its significant fat content…but a number of companies have been able to do it. However it is at the expense of calories. By just adding water, the calorie count is much lower gram for gram than regular peanut butter. But if it’s the peanutty flavour you’re seeking, rather than the calories, then powdered peanut butter could be the way to go. (NB It is possible to mix up the dried PB with a little oil to increase its caloric value).

I’ve mixed the dried PB with just a little water and used it in wraps on the trail and found that it tastes just like regular peanut butter. I’m currently experimenting with powdered PB for making satay and curry dishes, so will let you know how I go with that.


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